ft Chris King & JMoe Da Bird 

If hell scorches then tell me what this earth is?

Cause I’ve been down long feel I’ve finally found my purpose 

Lord have mercy on my soul cuss’ I need it 

Mad at us kneeling - that’s Kap we’re barely breathing - why? 


Must we scream for you to hear us 

Summoned all these spirits (poof) deliverance from evils (uh)



So what to do with joy when you find it?

Remember stay grounded 

Momentum moves mountains 

The wins and loses of youth's fountain 

Really who’s countin when love is the outcome?


So keep your chin up and stay strong 

remember you’ve been fine all along 

Just the way you are  

Breath and sing this song 

The Journey just begun. 

One day we’ll all be one