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ft. Nobi


Lemme introduce y’all to my family 

Grand Daddy went from slavery to the army 

South central LA where he raised Randy 

Who taught me - son cops don’t play

Marshall just do yea whatever they say 

They power hungry and they just might spray 


Just live to fight another day,  you no good to nobody dead 


So I remember one time, I was doing just fine 

With the windows down and seat on recline 

Out the corner of my eye, saw some flashing blue lights and thought, God I might die 



Reason we defiant cuss’ they kill us when  compliant

I can break it to a science why we fighting with the law

Ain’t no way to hide it, brutalize us and disguise it and I pray they get their guidance with the writing on the wall 

Kill us when we silent kill us when we riot 

Never listen cuss’ they biased when we all get along 

See we too divided think we need to be united 

Cuss’ there’s too many dying at the hands of the law

Know they judge you cuss’ your color black skin huh?

Leave all the reasons for passive 

I know it kinda seems I’m hardly hardly  

homie couldn't breathe on the concrete gasping