ft. I Am Chamel


An avalanche of malice and challengers

Analogous to losing loved ones and valuables 

Hardly soluble bitter pill to swallow 

When you gotta beg and borrow last dollars claim

You’ll pay it back tomorrow 

For this gold, I’m a goblin for these rings 

I’m a golem 

Got this weight on my shoulders 

I can’t wait, any longer 

I’m getting older taking orders 

Fallin’ soldiers brick and mortar 

Built my house of lies on solid ground 



Rewriting history in real time 

We evoking change amongst mankind

You can’t put a price on what’s Devine 

But you will compensate me for my time 

No limits when it comes to how I dream

I was told I can be anything 

I choose love, I chose joy 

I choose to build and not destroy